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Our friend Rebecca asked below:

"Hello, I was just over at the left the gate blog and noticed a really complete list of TBA blogs, is there any sort of list like that available somewhere for harness blogs? And how does one get to the Paceadvantage blog on a regular basis? I think a list would be nice because sometimes when one has a little extra time one could visit all of the blogs on the list and learn even more view points. Because as I have told many people just reading this blog has really opened my eyes about how the gamblers feel, and just how important their thoughts and needs are. Like most people my world was only as big as what my eyes could see, I definitely feel wiser seeing more of the world.
Regards, Rebecca"

So people, any ideas for her? Fire away if you can help. I know what I read, but I would like to hear what others do, if you could take a minute. If there are any harness sites, or blogs who want to promote their sites, go right ahead below.


Anonymous said...

I read the harnesslist at Yahoo groups.

Harnesslink.com has a link to blogs I think.

There is not too many harness blogs out there right now.

Anonymous said...


This link has 77 group listings
about harness racing.

Anonymous said...

I work for a paper - downthestretchnewspaper.com - that covers both harness and thoroughbred racing in Canada.

As well, my blog http://tripledeadheat.blogspot.com spills into both breeds of racing.

If anyone would like a free copy of Down The Stretch mailed to them, drop me a line...my email addy is on my blog.

Frankly, I'm at Pull The Pocket reading about harness racing all the time...and the majority of the posts here seem to end up as an editor's pick on raceday360.com...so if you've found this blog, the battle is half won.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Trot has some new blogs but no RSS.

Where is harnesslink? I thought he had a harnesswire with rss feeds

Pull the Pocket said...

Ya harnesslink dude. Where are you, still in Idaho?

Anonymous said...

As mentioned we have a fairly comprehensive blogroll in the sidebar on Harness Racing Blog (linked from my name).

Harness Wire is a blog I set up to fetch RSS Feeds from various sources but we failed to work out the Cron jobs to automatically fetch it. I'll talk to the programmer tomorrow and see if he can take another look. The Harness Wire blog is linked from our main blog.

...And, although it pains me to once again spam PTP's blog, I feel I must mention that anybody can start a free blog of their own on Harness Racing Blog, and their posts will be automatically linked to in the sidebar.

Pull the Pocket said...

Spam away!

As long as you are not shilling for the "Sham Wow!"

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the great response! I will be pretty busy following these links!
Regards, Rebecca


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