HTA Conference: Get Moving

Today in Vegas, a top level gambling expert told harness racing that the "Industry is the Customer" and we better get cracking.

Contrary to the general perception that horses, horsepeople, owners and breeders are the foundation of the industry, "the demand from customers is what is essentially important. That is the essence of the argument that must be dealt with or else you are swimming upstream and the current will push you back ultimately.

"Legislators are going to look at racing and say, 'is this worth saving?' The vulnerability is very, very strong. Especially under these harsh economic times, you'll see a lot of revisiting of this whole model."

Further, we must look outside racing for answers and stop being insular.

"You should, if you haven't already, look carefully at the United Kingdom, which has a viable horse betting market. It's a market which also has legalized sports gambling. The internet has the potential to generate new markets and new interest with new generations."


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