Believe Me!

In horse race betting, in my opinion unlike any gambling game, people tend to not believe others who win. This is expected because so few actually make money betting racing, but also because the internet has given so many kooks a forum for lying about their wagering. As we have mentioned before there is a bettor in the UK playing racing, and documenting his daily balances. But a funny thing happened. Because there are many ways to doctor betting data and screenshots, there are some out there who do not believe the kid.

But technology is cool. He found a way to up his credibility - a video of his betfair interface.

For the record, the lad is doing quite well. He is up around US$60,000 so far in 2009. Better than I am, that's for sure.

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Scott said...

'betting on the horses' and trading on high-volume exchange markets (it really doesn't matter what they are, they just need to be highly liquid and volatile - the 10 mins before a UK race is perfect) are vastly different. There are plenty like adam, but this guy is one of the bigger scale ones. It is a major advantage to be emotionally detached from the racing itself - no interest in the result or who the owner/trainer/jockey is. Just recognise market trends and react quickly. No taxes to pay, no trading fees to pay, only a commission on your winnings. No wonder a lot of folks prefer exchange trading on UK races to trading on the stock market now.


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