Yearly Bud Ad

I almost forgot; goofy Super Bowl ad time. In Canada our network pipes in really crappy bank ads over the real ads that are running south of the border. I think I watched a Super Bowl over the airwaves one time and caught them, but generally you are outta luck if you want to see all of them up here.

So each year I have to google "superbowl ads" and take ten minutes or so to find them and watch them. This year the first site I stumbled upon turned out to be a feminist blog where they highlighted the top ten sexist ads. I felt really weird because I was reading the blog on how bad the ads were, while watching and liking some of them. I don't think that was exactly what the blogger had in mind.

Anyhoo, each year the only one with horses is Bud. So again, we run a Bud ad. If we are here next year, expect a Bud ad. And the year after. And so on.

This year's tangentially reminds me of when I was magically in love in university and she went away. I started to go look for her, but I liked a horse in the 3rd and went to the track instead.


The Cowboy Squirrel said...

Fabulous! Is it not remarkable that Budweiser spends a fortune each year to advertise the most recognizable brand of beer in the world? Mc Donalds spends a like amount to advertise their product, also a fairly familiar brand.

Yet the prevailing opinion of racetrack operators is that advertising dollars are misspent revenue.

Somebody is making a huge mistake.

Janine said...

There were three new Bud Clydesdale ads this year.

Fran Jurga has a couple of blog posts about the Clydesdales.

Here's from before the game, with a photo of the Clydesdale at the track:

This one has a video about their trainer:

Couple videos here, including one with the director which has a few of the racing scenes:

Here are the new commercials and some of the old ones, looks like quite a few are on YouTube now:

Anonymous said...

Well, I know you were not suggesting horse racing advertise at the Super Bowl but the ironic thing is they would turn the add down due to the fact it promotes gambling (like the NFL would anywhere as popular as it is without the gambling they unofficially approve; think injury reports).

That being said, perhaps a couple of adds during other sporting events such as baseball, basketball and the like are more feasible? Have everyone pool their money to produce ads (one for A tracks, one for B tracks and one for fairs which have wagering like in Ohio) and then leave it up to each track to show it during local sporting events. This way everyone gets a quality spot to show.

Wind Gatherer said...

Did the horse in the third win?

Pull the Pocket said...

Good question. History makes me think no. But I probably whined about it all the way home on the streetcar with the old horseplayers from Riverdale.


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