Keeneland Ranked #1 by HANA

The Horseplayers Association of North America ranked Keeneland Race Course the number one player friendly track in North America. I went last year for the first time and I could not agree more. They believe in three things that I believe in 1) Low takeouts (they wanted to lower to an across the board 16% take, on par with Australia, and were rebuffed by many) 2) Excellent customer service (I got wished good luck after every ticket I bet) and 3) They respect horses (say anything you want about Polytrack, but it was put in to protect the horses, a noble goal).

For Keeneland's President, Nick Nicholson's video comments on the ranking click here.

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Anonymous said...

Care to comment on getting harsh criticism from noted blogger Left at the Gate. See link here:

As more people read him than you, what is your response?


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