Fans & Keeping Them

Hong Kong has long been a leader in offering data and information to their customers. They took a new step recently by making it more interactive. With all our millions in slot money I can not believe that the harness racing brand has not created something so simple and easy. I mentioned it last year at a conference and I heard crickets, but I think it is so important for us.

While some in racing are deciding that they should raise takeouts and make it more difficult for fans to bet, NASCAR is doing the opposite. We of course can afford to be anti-stimulus because racing is so healthy, but it is nice to see a failing sport like NASCAR trying to lower prices and be more fan friendly. I have to stop being sarcastic in posts, but such is the way it is.

For decades now, fans have been getting perpetually bilked by the greedy, gluttonous purveyors of big-time sports.

Now that the economy is in the toilet, the purveyors suddenly say they want to accommodate their fans.

Shouldn't this have been their mission all along?

Hat tip to Paulick.

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Anonymous said...

You have to think even that after this Springsteen debacle and economic downturn that there might be a change in how customers are targeted.

Whats that maxim again, you"can shear a sheep many times but only skin him once...


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