Bill Finley: Writing Good Stuff

ESPN's Bill Finley writes good stuff. Each time I open his opine column I find I either 1) Learn something or 2) Respect an opinion.

This week he looks at some stats on sythetics, the pick 5; and throws in a little harness racing, namely Jeff Gural's panel on trying to get horses raced beyond age three.

Bill touches all aspects of the sport in both thoroughbred and harness. He was one of the most reputable columnists to tackle the Ledford case a couple of years ago, as well. It is a page worth bookmarking, and if you are interested, I highly recommend his book on synthetics. It was a good read and I learned a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Finley has been one of the most sensible voices out there on synthetics, taking the pragmatic view that as long as the surfaces are in use, horseplayers might as well learn how best to handicap them. I respect and admire his practicality, along with his sharp writing and reporting.


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