Racing Getting Left Behind

Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania wants video poker now.

Delaware is closer to allowing sports betting.

We're getting swallowed up. The response thus far is to ask for a slice, rather than ask for laws to be changed so we can compete on a national scale. In internet betting where we have a de facto monopoly, and creating a way to entice people to play that monopoly by making it 21st century relevant should be this sports main focus. Just like a slice or a subsidy, this chance will not last forever.


Anonymous said...

When McGuinty reads this
he will take the slot money from the
horse industry and give it to
to lower tuition costs.

Lots of votes in this idea.

Pull the Pocket said...

It is weird to me. Generally (this story was run on SC) people get happy when they read something new coming to gambling, because they think we'll get some. Sports betting, whatever. I am the exact opposite - it is worrisome. Every time something new is offered I think we are one step closer to both not getting any of it, and having handles and revenues fall even more.


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