You Think That Bump Was Bad?

Calls are a part of racing. Bumps, inside pylons, making a hole for oneself, and so on. They are a cause for concern in racing because millions are bet and we need a good way to ensure that the bettors money is taken care of. Sometimes we fight about them, and sometimes a bad call can be publicized as such.

But in last night's Super Bowl, refereeing is brought to a whole new level.

To conspiracy theorists last night's game was called to make Pittsburgh a winner. To the rest of us, who do not think that sporting events are run by a guy in shack that looks like Dr. Evil, some of the calls were the very least questionable. NBC, who covered the game, did not on the grand stage make even the slightest reference to it. But of course, on the Internet, and in columns it is bombs away. Chris Chase at Yahoo has fired the first salvo: "Officiating Dictates Super Bowl XLIII"

I have a feeling that as the week wears on we will hear more and more about the officiating of this game. And it will make the third race tossout at Woodbine look like child's play.

What I also think, is that the NFL will be on this like white on rice. It is something that sets them and us apart. If we have an officiating error, or fans questioning a toss, it can take a month to even address it. This will not happen here.

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Anonymous said...

The game was mostly likely fixed. There was a large amount of syndicate money on this. Unlike racing which now only gets knowledgeable people betting money due to lack of interest from casual unknowing fans, the nfl gets ton of "dumb bets" so alot of money can be made by smart synicates.


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