The Oscars - Behind the Curtain

The Academy Awards were on last night. I did not see them but I figure it was a love-fest of back patting and a political speech or two telling people who live in Nebraska they are nuts. As most know, several of the awards are handed out behind the scenes, like 'Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film Made by Someone From the Lower Congo.' Those really get my blood pumping. I read Mary Forney's piece this morning about Oscar nominated horse films. I guess she missed some of the winners behind the curtain because she did not mention it. For those of you who have not seen, here is the list of awards handed out last night, beyond the glitz of the stage.

First, the nominees for best supporting actor in a horse movie.

"Don" in Hot to Trot

versus Joe Pesci in Easy Money

"Don" squeaked it out by a whisker.

Best Actor in a Horse Movie or Short. Unfortunately when all the other nominees saw they were against David Caruso, they all got scared and asked their name to be withdrawn. Caruso wins by acclimation.

Finally Best Picture. It was a tough battle between Phar Lap and Stanley Kubrick's The Killing. Since I have seen Phar Lap eleven times I was happy it got the nod.

In other minor news, some movie about a bunch of kids in India won some awards. I am not really sure it deserved it as the only movie I saw last year was Iron Man. It was shut out, and it is a shame Downey did not win best actor. He was the bomb in Iron Man.

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Anonymous said...

One of the funniest unseen movies that realistically portrayed horse racing was Three Men On a Horse.


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