Bettors Are Oh So Different

I always have a little laugh when I hear racing speak to us like 'gamblers' who want to buy a lotto ticket or pull a slot machine. It might be the only gambling business who truly does not know who their customer is.

Even though the evidence is overwhelming (and anyone who bets know this) that we bettors love to figure out the puzzle for ourselves, there is a simple poll out on the USTA page which shows this nicely. The poll asks "How often do you pay attention to public handicappers like Bob Pandolfo and Rusty Nash?" Only two in ten say they will bet those selections.

This, I believe, is why software programs that spit out a figure are less popular than those who allow for user factors. And it is also why I believe that marketing racing to lottery players or slot patrons is fruitless.


Eb said...

I've been trying to get this point across to people for almost 40 years. I'd handicap dog races even if I couldn't bet on races. As a matter of fact, I do that when I summer in a state where there's only harness racing. ( I sometimes bet flat horse racing, but not harness.)

It's also an issue when I sell a system to someone and they expect it to pick winners with no effort or thought on their part. Greyhound handicapping - and horse racing handicapping - aren't mechanical or a matter of luck. No matter what you use to help you handicap, you have to also use your own brain and judgment to compare, evaluate and choose between the basic factors that predict a dog's or horse's likely performance in this race on this day.

That's why software and mechanical systems don't work. Actually, I'm glad they don't. I'd rather figure it out myself.

All the best,
Eb Netr

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Netr,
In the interest of learning more of what we (our business) is doing wrong, why is it that you will not bet Harness Racing? I am not asking to try and convert you or make any case. I am quite simply curious why this is, I think we need to hear these answers and figure out how to keep it from happening to the next gen. Thank you, Rebecca

Eb Netr said...

I just realized that you posted this, Rebecca. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner.

The reason I don't bet harness races, is because the bikes have drivers. Greyhounds don't have drivers or riders.

The only reason I bet flat races is when I go with my friend, Gamblin' Willie, who is a very good flat race handicapper. If he didn't go, I wouldn't either.

I'm afraid that doesn't help with your question, but you asked.

All the best,

Eb Netr


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