Your Inner Elwood

I have a post on money management to get up, because I was thinking about that recently with my bet sizing. I think it is a good time for a refresher. But this is still supposed to be a fun game, and it does not have to be cold-calculating thought all the time.

Lately if I am getting a square price on a bomb (my ROI on longer plays is fairly good) I have been betting more than usual. Sometimes it works out, often times it does not.

In betting, you have to bet within your means and with your hit rate as a consideration. But sometimes you just have to let it fly, and shoot for a score. It keeps you fresh and it gets the blood pumping.

The inner Elwood is not right very often, but when he is, it is pretty damn cool.


Anonymous said...


I love your posts in the Handicapping Series! Many of your ideas have helped me increase my returns and definitely manage my bankroll better.

I'm just starting up a blog dedicated to handicapping harness racing, and i will definitely be pointing people your direction for more handicapping advice!

Pull the Pocket said...

Let us know where it is Ryan. Always need more harness blogs. We are more extinct than Cabbage Patch Kids.

Anonymous said...

The wallpaper is still being put up on the site, but feel free to check out what's there so far.

If you have any ideas for topics I could cover, I could sure use some pointers!

Pull the Pocket said...

Nice site. I will link to it. Great work


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