6% 6

Not here of course, but the 6% takeout pick 6 has begun down under. It is a flexi-bet as well.

NSW and Victorian TAB punters invested almost $1.1 million on the six BIG6 pools last Saturday as Australia’s newest and biggest bet type was launched.

The cross-state NSW BIG6 thoroughbred pool held $447,000, while the Victorian thoroughbred BIG6 held $422,000. The Victorian harness BIG6 on the Ballarat Pacing Cup meeting had a pool of $110,000.

Australia has about 1/20th the population and GDP of North America.

Hat tip to Equidaily.com.


Scott said...

Something wrong with that link btw.

It's a brand new bet type, something that has long been wanted by Aussie punters. But there are a few holes in it. However, cutting the takeout from 25% down to 6% means the interest is there straight away. and the best part for the small player is the flexi-betting option. If you have two horses in each leg, it would cost you $64 for $1 units. But you can take a percentage of the bet and go wider. Eg three in each leg (normally $729) and spend only $100, so your ticket would worth 13.7% of the winning dividend.

Their biggest failing in setting this up is that the pools are still divided by state because of stupid govt politics. It should be a nationwide pool, promising life-changing amounts, with the potential of rollover jackpots. Live TV coverage on free-to-air TV (like the Scoop6 in the UK - one ticket collected £1.4m last weekend) would also bump the pools way up.

Pull the Pocket said...

This is a flexi bet six? I must edit that then.

Jurisdictional fighting getting in the way of wagering? Say it aint so Scott :)

Scott said...

for any exotic bet in Vic & NSW you can place a flexi bet, you just nominate how much you wish to spend, or what % you wish to take. It's not exclusive to this bet type. It does mean the little player gets a chance to have a big ticket with lots of runners. However, the downside is, big jackpots are less likely to occur (although if the pool is only won by a 20% ticket, then the rest will roll over - I think).


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