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The interweb is cool. There are some people out there in racing with a passion for it, and they create things. Maybe they are not saleable, or their websites are not able to be monetized but they are just kind of neat. One fella is Ray from Paceadvantage and he often offers stats from his database of harness racing. Often times there is something eye-opening with them, like the stats on layoffs of 29-40 days we explored in our layoffs article.

Another one today I saw was this fella who decided he did not like that when he handicapped a horse who raced at Yonkers, he did not know how to standardize the time for the ship to today's track. So he created a time converter. It's here. If you are into this kind of thing, I would imagine you'd get some use from it.

I also noticed Nick Nicholson's interview that we linked below. He is the President of Keeneland. I watched that web video with interest. It is completely refreshing to hear a track head speak like he does. He wants to get better, offer players more information, and takes nothing for granted. This is one of the largest handle tracks in the world, yet they work and work at it. He seems like someone who gets it. Youtube of the video is below, and it is worth a watch.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I was just over at the left the gate blog and noticed a really complete list of TBA blogs, is there any sort of list like that available somewhere for harness blogs? And how does one get to the Paceadvantage blog on a regular basis? I think a list would be nice because sometimes when one has a little extra time one could visit all of the blogs on the list and learn even more view points. Because as I have told many people just reading this blog has really opened my eyes about how the gamblers feel, and just how important their thoughts and needs are. Like most people my world was only as big as what my eyes could see, I definitely feel wiser seeing more of the world.
Regards, Rebecca


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