You don't see this every day.

7 Double Up 7/6Q 8°/6T 4/2Q 1/NS 1:59.1 29.3 202.25 Jay Randall

7 Double Up 406.50 40.40 11.00
4 Suddenly In Charge 3.10 3.70
5 On That Note 3.40
Wager Type Numbers/Payouts
Exacta (7-4 $404.50)
Trifecta (7-4-5 $2,840.00)

h/t to showbet


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does a win price seldom exceed an exacta payout, so long as someone has actually made the 1-2 wager? And it wasn't even the favorite that was second. Wow.

Love the blog, by the way.

Pull the Pocket said...

You certainly see some amazingly weird payouts with longshots on a small track.

Anonymous said...

Boy you would be kicking yourself in the butt if you bet the horse to place:-)


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