Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plenty Going On

I have some of those webinar thingies all afternoon, but there is some dandy stuff worth chatting about.

The twinkles coming from the racetrack symposium are good. Today, racing with young people. I don't know who Jhamlin is but "I don't buy [the fact that young people need instant gratification] as they sit through 4 hour college football games". Bingo, whoever you are.

Subsidizing a product that no one is buying is a bad business plan? Someone thinks so.

Check out the revenue mix in New York for the new slots. For today's quiz: Find out what percentage goes to the customer.

Much more today to chat about, but alas I have to pay for my massive gambling losses by working. Enjoy the day everyone, and follow along with the tweetering if you are hanging out. That bug is pretty cool.

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