Friday, December 12, 2008

$500,000 Upper Canada Cup

If you head up highway 400 north of Toronto you hit cottage country, where the people who used to be rich own cottages. On the way, you hit Georgian Downs. Pre-slots, it was called Barrie Raceway and purses averaged about $900. Now with one-armed bandits, the purses have exploded. So much so, that it was announced that we have a very lucrative event to be raced for the first time in 2009 - The Upper Canada Cup for three year old pacers. It is to be staged the last week of May.

I recently read a weird article on the CBC website that the Canadian something council wants to look at regulating the Internet to make sure that there is enough Canadian content on it - yes I know that boggles anyone's mind who lives outside Canada, but they do strange stuff like that here. So to make sure I comply with any new regulations and not be shut down by a score of people wearing tweed jackets from Ottawa, here is a link explaining the history of Upper Canada.

Ok, with that out of the way, this race adds to the already enriched Ontario sired program and is sure to be well attended. With the May 24th long-weekend the unofficial spring drunkfest for anyone under the age of 27, we could see plenty of annoying punks like we all were on May 24th of years past.

Georgian Downs general manager Chris Roberts speaks about the event on the Harness Edge podcast. The interview is good for a laugh or two if you are a fan of Ontario racing, with a little bit of inside baseball.


Wind Gatherer said...


That Treaty of Paris screwed everything up, huh.

Pull the Pocket said...

If we just took a bit more land in the War of 1812 we would own Buffalo, which would allow us to have an NFL team.

It's good to have some history lessons here in the blogosphere fro time to time. We strive for an informed and engaged readership at Pull the Pocket

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