Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Anyone watch the Steelers-Ravens game on Sunday? I did. If you did not, the game came down to a 3rd down inside the 15, with the Steelers driving. Steelers QB Ben Roeth-icantspelltherestofhisname dropped back and hit the receiver at the goal line. The call? Down on the two inch line. Immediate review.

The booth seemed to stumble with it. The commentators did not know which way the call should go. It looked close. Was he in? Was he out? No one could tell. But then, after some time the referee called a touchdown.

This call received a good deal of press. Most onlookers, including Chris Collinsworth of NBC brought it back to basics: "Replay was put in so that if the call is indisputable, it can be overturned. If you have to watch it over and over again, that means it is not clear and the play should stand."

I could not agree more.

Of course, we now have to parallel this to horse racing. Am I the only one annoyed when a judge rewinds the tape 246 times looking for a foul? Seriously, these are 1200 pound horses going 35 miles per hour, they are not playing hopscotch. If it takes you to slow it down and speed it up and do that over and over again to see something, call it no foul and lets move on. End, finito. It would speed up our game, and I think it makes sense.

In case you did not see the football game, thank god for youtube.

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