Friday, December 26, 2008

Fight Club

The economy is in shambles. Auto bailouts, CEO's coming with cap in hand looking for cash from citizens. Consumer confidence low. A general malaise and a very big public chip on a shoulder for businesses who can not make it on their own.

With that, the local horseman association in Ontario, has voted to boycott the entry box because they are without a contract for 2009.

Most things like this are political in nature and this one looks about that way to my untrained eye. One must wonder, with racing handles crumbling, governments running 2009 deficits, with everyone belt tightening, who is running this show?

Usually when these fights occur there is about a 50/50 for and against factions on various chat boards. For this fight I would say it is more like 10/90 for and against. It appears, at least anecdotally, that rank and file horsepeople and horse owners think this is a bad time to be doing this and we should be very thankful that we have subsidized purses to race for in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Granted, coming from the States I am not sure of all the local issues going on at WEG, but it seems boycotting during the winter is going to leave the horsemen with fewer racing opportunities. What are they going to do ship down to the Meadowlands and then be lucky if they get in every two to three weeks?

Another thing is to consider is if you are not racing for a month or two people are going to suddenly realize life goes on without racing; you may not get them back.

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