Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oval of Dreams

..... We roll into a parking lot bustling with activity, while local college students brave the westerly wind, tailgating behind their well cared-for Honda Civics.

..... A local high school marching band runs onto the track

..... ‘The Betting Team,’ 20 young women dressed in driving colours, stand at attention. Following the final note, into the crowd they go, automated wagering devices in hand. “Would you like to make a bet on the first race ma’am?” one says kindly to my wife. “Have you been to the races before?” My wife smiles and nods

..... “The fractions are way too fast, this horse is done,” I blurt out to my wife. I pull out my Blackberry to monitor the in-race betting lines. “We can buy the post-time favourite at 6-to-1,” I say, plunging $20 to win and pressing “confirm.”

Twilight Zone? Another planet? Maybe a bit of both, because the author is describing the day after Christmas at a racetrack; one which does not exist, but sure sounds nice if it ever could. To read the excellent article click here.

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