Friday, December 5, 2008

Tinsel Town Illusions

On chat boards and watching live, everyone in the world thought the 2 horse at Hollywood Park won the seventh race. When the photo came up and was shown on the screen for only a brief time, it still looked like the two horse won(above). But the winner was the 6. In simulcast theatres and on home video screens, the betting world I imagine reacted like a gaggle of teenage girls when they find out a member of a boy-band is dating someone.

Adding a little more firepower to the Xfiles of it all; for some reason the photo posted was prescribed as a place photo, despite it being a win photo.

Two things 1) Upon closer review that is actually the six horse's nose hitting the wire first and 2) Rod Serling is the track photographer at Hollywood.

In a nice example about how the digital world has changed us forever, and we better get off our duff's with a strategy to use it, a poster at got the stretch drive up on youtube, in slow motion. He posted it not long after the race and it shows it was a head-bob.

h/t to Bigmack

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Park's website.

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