Quotes of the Day

The Toronto Star's Dave Perkins, on Somebeach being Athlete of the Year:

"This time, there's a new twist, namely a write-in campaign for the brilliant pacer Somebeachsomewhere. Here's the rub, though: can the Lou Marsh Trophy go to a racehorse? It never has before."

Horseplayer Association of North America, on why racing finds it hard to lower the take:

"Hey, who can blame 'em! If you or I were selling hula hoops in 1950, we were the only seller, and the government mandated that the only exercise the citizenry were allowed to do had to involve a hula hoop, we would have stuck it to hula-hoopers everywhere. Cheaper hula hoops? Not a chance."

Note - Just out. The Lou Marsh Award was given out. No Somebeach, but a valiant effort by all involved, especially Standardbred Canada's Darryl Kaplan.

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