Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Honey, Can You Get the Ketchup?"

"Where is the ketchup? I can't see it."

"Open your eyes. It's right behind the cobra venom!"

Suspended equine veterinarian Rodney Stewart testified Dec. 3 that he was unaware that a soft-sided cooler he left in a refrigerator in a barn at Keeneland contained the prohibited substance cobra toxin.

Stewart said he was not aware of all the contents in the cooler because it was packed by his wife, Erica, when she cleaned out items from the couple’s refrigerator in their home. The Stewarts were in the process of relocating to Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and as a result the vet was living in an apartment. In addition to vials of medications Stewart needed during his daily work and the Cobra toxin, the cooler also contained vaccines for dogs and cats and rabies tags, which Stewart said were items that his wife threw together. Since the track was far from his apartment, Stewart said he carried the medications he needed with him. Because it was a hot June day, he stored them in Biancone's refrigerator.

Man that is some rotten luck, eh?

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