Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still Waiting for the Magic Word .......

OK, first we had the post below regarding the NYRA dude on where the slots cash was going and no mention of the bettor (I hope you played my quiz!). Now we have a story on Bloodhorse direct from Arizona. This one titled "Is Racing Using Its Slots Money Wisely?"

As hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from slot machines flows to horse racing, there is growing sentiment that perhaps the racing industry is failing to capitalize on the new wealth by solely pumping money into purses and breed development programs.

I was pumped. I was really excited. I was as excited as (when I was a tot in 1978) when I found out that a new Kiss album was being released; hold it, I was even more excited than that .... Finally: the symposium and our business was going to talk about using slots cash to help the customer!

Nope. They think the any excess cash should go to build barns and stuff.

Damn, the article started out so promising.

I, Pull the Pocket, your humble cub reporter will not be dissuaded. I am watching all the news closely from Arizona. When someone in our business finally mentions using some of the billions in slots cash to actually attract the customer you will hear it here first.


Wind Gatherer said...

So, basically, you're saying that there will be nothing to report.

Pull the Pocket said...

We'll see Winston. I am hearing rumblings that perhaps a portion of the couple of billion will be used for a 25 cent discount on a bag of popcorn.

We will grow like no business has grown before.

Seriously, as you can see it sticks in my craw. Here in Canada we have watched over $2B be spent on purses (which me as a horse owner gladly take) and to tracks and we have done nothing but shrink. Handles are anemic. I don't want the same mistake to be made again.

This business needs a massive cash infusion to attack the demand side of the equation.

All my opinion.

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