Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Cards; and Monday Handles

Unless I am mistaken, it appears that tomorrow there is one track racing - Monticello. What an opportunity for an "A" track if they held a noon card. There is nothing else to bet. I just checked and WalMart is open 24 hours, so are some department stores here in the big smoke. No excuse for a racetrack not to have a big December 24th card.

Woodbine handle for Monday (during the 7/8th's racing experiment) was up to around $1.5M. It was a very slow day. Philly Park was cancelled and so was Penn National. No Mountaineer. All they had to compete with was Northfield and Flamboro (maybe one other small track). I wonder what handles would be tomorrow if Woodbine was the only big track going - thoroughbred or harness. Would we see $2.5 million if they really promoted it, maybe with a Fat Quaddie?


Anonymous said...

Turf Paradise for the 22nd with an average purse well below 10k did over $2.1 million on 10 races.

Anonymous said...

Well, Monticello raced yesterday as the only track and it is covered by TVG. Great! Probably the only time you will see a harness card covered from start to finish on TVG. Wrong, all they did was keep replaying a 2008 t-bred highlight show. They did cover Monticello on their website, but a great opportunity to get t-bred bettors to sample the trotters.

I can see if they didn't want to have any on-air personalities covering the races, but there are other times thery just play music and show the races; they could have done that.

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