Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do You Want to Help Harness Racing?

About every six months I ask for something from everyone in blog land - and no it is not money :). There is currently a petition at Standardbred Canada to get Somebeachsomewhere voted Athlete of the Year in Canada. Secretariat was in the US and it was a great day for thoroughbred racing when it happened. It should happen in Canada this year and if it does, it would be a great day for harness racing (for some reason I say that line with a Jackie Stewart accent).

You don't have to be from Canada to sign the petition. You do not even have to be a harness fan; in fact if you are a thoroughbred fan and this horse turned you on to watching a harness race with a Canadian horse, all the better. If you love racing and want to help, give it a moment please. You can access the letter, beautifully penned by Darryl Kaplan, and the petition here. Just leave your name.

Standardbred Canada Bids to Have Somebeachsomewhere named Lou Marsh Recipient

Horse to follow in the footsteps of 1973 U.S. Athlete of the Year - Secretariat

The following is an open letter to the Committee considering nominees for Canada's Athlete of the Year.

Dear distinguished members of the Lou Marsh Trophy Committee:

In 2008, only one Canadian athlete set three world records, posted a 93.3% win average and earned $2.5 million (more than any other horse in history) in competition.

Only one Canadian athlete was considered by many international observers to have posted the most spectacular season ever accomplished in his respective field.

Only one Canadian athlete forever changed the landscape of his sport.

That athlete is Somebeachsomewhere...... <more>

If you run a harness blog please add that link to it. Social media can bring people together and has so in so many ways. Let's make this a grand experiment and see if we can link everyone in blogland to this petition.

The World Record at Lexington:

Crushing win in the ice-rain at Woodbine:

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Anonymous said...

That would truly be a special ending, and very deserved.
Wayne Gretzky, Steve Nash, Mike Weir, Mario Lemieux . . Somebeachsomewhere.
How great would that be.

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