Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays...... Kinda

From this months Trot Magazine I found this comment from one of the sports leading drivers interesting.

"Everyone is happy for each other at Christmas - we take the time to shake each others hands and we all try to get along. But it's the only time you see that in the driver's room! It seems like it's the only time of the year there is harmony in there."
Randy Waples

I wonder about that. Jocks and drivers both are hyper-competitive; and let's face it, they must have thousands of things to yell at each other about, considering they are driving or riding 1000 pound animals for money. But we hear very little of it. It is not exactly NASCAR where public disputes over accidents hit a fever pitch.

Lack of media attention? A better public face put on by our participants? I don't know, but it strikes me as odd we do not hear more about disagreements than we do.

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