Saturday, December 6, 2008

Synergistic Growth

It was announced (where it should be, on a chat board for players) that Premier Turf Club and have made an arrangement. The highly sought after, and arguably the best pace figures in racing (which the author does not even accept any new customers for), are being made available to Premier Turf Club clients.

ADW sinking cash into the business to innovate and grow = a sound business model and the way things should be.

As was batted around in our grow the game with lower prices post and number crunching, this can be an ROI booster for players. Take for example this: You are a 0.95 ROI player and you try your butt off. With Craig's pace figures added to your arsenal, perhaps you can gain 4% on your bottom line. Now add a rebate from PTC - say another 4%. You are now at 1.03 ROI and you are in a position to bet hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and make some scratch.

It is still difficult to win of course, but at the very least you do not have to be Gary Kasparov to play horse racings pari-mutuel chess when you have a push like this.

This is good for 1) Pool Size 2) Player marketing - the word of winning spreads super-virally, just ask poker 3) The Player him/herself and 4) The business through more money for purses. We need more of this, not less. ADW is like one of the first combustion engines. Without investment, refinement and priming the motor with gasoline it will fail. We must never let that happen and racing should have a plan to prime this motor with more things exactly like this.

There are sample figs for Turfway up today for free, if anyone is playing the tbreds and that track and wants to have a look at Craig's hard-to-find figures. Opens in a pdf.

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