Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Harness Herb's Top Ten

It's the final look at Harness Herb's Top Ten. The Crown is done, and Herb has to head back and begin training for this years cycling season. It has been a joy to have Herb's Top Ten as an exclusive part of the Pull the Pocket blog this season. He could have went to the Harness Edge,, Harnesslink, or any other harness website that starts with H, but he is here. We look forward to him joining us come March, when the stakes season begins again.

Our crack reporter Greg caught up with Herb via iphone and files this report, verbatim.

Greg: Hi Herb
Herb: Hi Greg

Greg: So what did you do for the Breeders Crown?
Herb: Funny story there Pittsburgh Pumpkin, I was on a date - well two actually - with a local French model, and I told her, if she wants to date Herb we will be watching harness racing. Of course she said yes, so we left the late night club by the back door and headed to my pad. She scrubbed the floors and I watched via my computer. The Meadowlands has free video y'know?

Greg: What did you think?
Herb: I thought it was great. The races were exciting. I see that Pull the Pocket pinhead liked Muscle Hill. Normally I disagree with the dude since he is wrong like always, but this time I think he is right. Poetry in motion. I expected Dewey to not race well, and I told Francine so before the race. She thought I was a god for not liking a 3-5 shot and having him lose - well more of a god than the normal god she thinks I am - but I was sad to see the big bugger lose.

Greg: How many winners did you get?
Herb: Every one.

Greg: Some changes in your final top ten. Is this the way you think the Dan Patch voting will go?
Herb: No, the ones who vote won't give Muscle Hill his due. He'll be like 3rd, but that Truro horse will win easily.

Greg: What do you think about Beach being named Canada's Athlete of the Year?
Herb: Canada? The place where they vote in a government and the weiners who lose want to say they won? Bah, I don't care. Canada shmanada.

Greg: On that happy note, and after you insulted an entire nation, thanks Herb.
Herb: Thanks Greg. I will make sure I make fun of Pittsburgh next year. By the way, give thanks to that driver dude that you know, Luc Mallette or whatever, I made a decent score on him in the last at the Meadowlands on Saturday. Damn I'm good.

Harness Herb's Exclusive (not seen anywhere else, except here, eventhough people have tried really hard to get it from Pull the Pocket) Top Ten

1. Somebeachsomewhere
2. Muscle Hill
3. Shadow Play

4. Deweycheatumnhowe
5. Nebupanezzar
6. Native Bride
7. Explosive Matter
8. Enough Talk
9. Mister Big
10. Honorable Daughter

The Hambo poll is out and we see a shake up. Beach is high up and a couple of other changes.

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