Saturday, December 13, 2008


Entering the season when we will see more and more cancellations due to driver/jock votes, Renee Kierans of Woodbine really lets them have it for the closing day vote:

.... next time the same type of situation comes up, think of the consequences to others before you behave in such a selfish way.


Anonymous said...

Where did all the racing fans go from the old days? The ones that use to hang out by the paddock. The ones that use to spend an entire day on the apron where you could hear the jockey banter and horses snorting as they warmed up. Open grandstands where you had a feel that you were at the track. Who wanted longer racing seasons? I never recall any of my friends compaining about the season ending. I have no desire to drive thru the snow to Windsor or Northville and freeze walking from my car into the track only to sit there wondering what the roads will be like when I head for home.
I have more sympathy for the Woodbine fans who spent money on a form or program and invested hours handicapping the cancelled races than I do for horse owners who probably are overjoyed at the opportunity to run their horses regardless of the elements. I enjoyed Tampa on the computer today. Not a hint of winter.
What track is that at the top of your site? It appears there are some people their.

Pull the Pocket said...

It's pretty expensive tho RG, since they waited about a month or more to race them, and hten you have to pay for transport, paddocks and all the rest.

I think $300 goes to each owner for cancellations.

Regardless, rotten that the 12 race card on closing day got cut. There was that intriguing jockey's race as well.

I dont know where the people went, but by the looks of it half of them are stuck on the 401. Remember a time when commuting was somewhat relaxing?

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