Friday, December 19, 2008

New Ad Company Chosen for ADW Commercials?

I got a message today, it said "Pull, I am hearing some rumblings of a new racetrack/ADW ad campaign" and they sent me a link of a skeleton commercial. Could we expect to see Dave Willmot of Woodbine, Chris Roberts of Georgian, Jack Liebau of Youbet and other heavy hitters in this commercial in these roles? Gosh, let's hope so.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that watched that twice?
Good find. I needed a laugh after all that shoveling today.

best regards,


Pull the Pocket said...

I think I have watched it four times. The last fella looks like he's the boss. Someone should have said something to him before this went to video :)

Anonymous said...

He reminded me of Casey Kasem.
The guy that said he was hard as a rock and will eat your lunch reminded me of Jimbob.
First name Take, last name Out.
It would be nice if I was lower, without a doubt.
The people in charge can't seem to see, that betting would be much larger with a smaller version of me.
I don't post here to cause no trouble, I came here to win the pull the pocket shuffle.



Pull the Pocket said...

Oh man, you are sicker than I am.

I need your B track magic on the next post about post positions. Let me know what you propose.

I should have it written in a bit. It's halftime.

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