Monday, December 22, 2008

Ho Ho Hamilton

Mike Hamilton, Woodbine's on-air handicapper and other assorted things, has a Christmas list at the Woodbine blog... er column site. He pulls no punches. It is a good piece as he touches on myriad issues in the game.

A few here.

On "one racing customer": Acknowledgment within the industry that not all racetracks are in the same business.... [there are] two very different segments of society and a one-size-fits-all national marketing initiative just won’t work.

On a new way to deliver products: If the pari-mutuel model isn’t broken, it’s certainly on its last legs.

On data: Data from a number of different sources should be available through one co-operatively run web site.

On takeout: Reduced take-out for at least one pool per card.

On rules: Uniform racing rules and penalties at all North American tracks. It doesn’t matter which hockey, baseball or basketball game you’re watching, the rules, penalties and quality of the officiating is the same.

Nice piece by Mike that is worth reading for all of the Santa wish list.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have new respect for Mike H. Some of his ideas are ones that I have also thought of, but a couple of them are really great thinking.
P.S. is there any chance that our good friend Andrew Cohen will be a guest on your blog anytime soon? My husband and I really miss him, although we enjoy PTP plenty. I am so sad that The Horseman & Fairworld removed him from their site, and moreover me thinks they lied to us about why they ended his blog. We have checked every day for any changes on the website and funny enough no remodeling. Andrew if you read this we are ashamed of the number one magazine in the US!!
Regards, Rebecca

Pull the Pocket said...

I would love it if he came over and posted Rebecca. That was a great blog, full of interesting folks.

Mike always writes and entertaining piece or two on the Woodbine bl... column. I am impressed that Woodbine has given him some rope.

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