Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twinkies and Techno-babble

Patrick, who is at the Arizona thing is super-messaging the festivities in real time using "twitter". His buddy (who we hold in high esteem because he took Mr. Thoroughbred player to the Breeders Crown) Alan can't figure out what this twitter nonsense is all about.

I guess for horseplaying, picture this: You have a couple people at the track. One watched the seven warm up and he looked great, another is in the paddock and he says the horse is alert. You have the horse at 5-2 fair odds. He is 5-2 on the board. You revisit it based on that real-time twitter information and you make your odds line 8-5. You bet using Kelly and the horse wins and pays $6.80. Twitter just made you money.

The Racing Post in the UK offers exactly that. Real time short notes from paddock inspectors. It is a neat tool when you think about it, in my opinion. And it is growing year over year.

John Pricci chats about technology and younger racing fans in his last post.

More tech news. Harnesslink speaks about the new google book reader and how technology in racing can possibly save us again.

People are trying to make this internet thing work in the racing industry, but infighting and a complete lack of understanding means we risk being severly late to the party, so late that everyone’s gone home.

Memo to racing: Please spend some slot cash on technology.

Cangamble seems to be never one to mince words. I ain't a journalism person, but I am a marketer by trade. I think using doughhead in a headline would elicit more clicks. I am going to try it here sometime, and it is especially valid since I just looked at my last three days of wagering. I have met Doughhead and he is me.

Photo courtesy who else, Pilsbury.


Anonymous said...

Sending out paddock inspection alerts is a terrific idea for Twitter/SMS. Good for the Racing Post. Now all we need in NA is a racing publication to support the growth of such a network or some enterprising and knowledgeable visual handicappers to jump on the opportunity. Hm ... I might I have a new project ...

Anonymous said...

while I would never claim to be a "knowledgeable visual handicapper", if I'm watching the OTB channel and someone looks good in the parade I'll tweet it.

I actually tweeted long shot classy baby Well Positioned a few weeks ago and he payed $60 something.

Anonymous said...

I look forward (I think?) to the day where all of the on-track characters/sterotypes we know of are poking through trash cans looking for discarded blackberry or mobile devices to help pick the next race!

Really though...the technology boom is a great thing for promoting racing but i hope that the powers-that-be make it on-track friendly.

I believe it's important to have crowds at the track cheering on the horses. Otherwise, we are just cheering a silent track from the comfort of our home office. Zzzzz...

Great writing here. See you at Woodbine sometime!

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