Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Harness Herb Goes Christmas

Harness Herb contacted us. He was gracious enough to send this note, along with a video Christmas message. Along with Herb, may I wish you all a happy holiday season, in whichever way you are celebrating, and a great new year.

Message from Harness Herb:

Pull the Pocket Dweebs,

It has been a good year on the blog, made much better by the presence of me. As you know, my immensely popular Top Ten List is suspended as I train for the upcoming season in cycling, but I thought I would wish you all a merry holiday.

As a special treat to you losers, I figured I would call in a few favors for a video that I choreographed myself. I contacted a few folks who love and respect me, like most of you do. Trainer of Deweycheatumnhowe Ray Schnittker is a personal friend. He said "yes." Paul MacDonnell is a personal friend who contacts me for driving tips and thanks me as the sole reason that Somebeachsomewhere kicked butt this year. He said "sure Herb." For a dash of star power I went through the rolodex and ended up with two additional icons. They both were excited to do this project - "anything for you Herb", they said.

Anyway enjoy; and happy holidays from Herb's family to yours.


Harness Herb

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Merry Christmas folks.

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